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Digital Transformation Consulting. Robotic Process Automation. Predictive Analytics. Digital Business Models. Process Mining. Digital Process Mapping and Improvements.

All this and much more.

// WHY

Business Outcomes Matter

For this reason, we have founded digital XC, with the aim of helping our clients deliver measurable improvements to their businesses through the application of digital transformation and all the latest technological advancements in IT.

// HOW

Our approach –
Digital transformation in action

First, we listen. We listen to understand. We need to understand whatever your goal or issue is whether its business growth, cost improvements, resource management, or customer satisfaction.

Then we think. We try to propose such a solution that will deliver measurable business outcomes with a return on investment in less than a year’s time. We may also offer to work in benefit sharing mode, providing that we are the sole investor. If we do not believe our skills are suited for the task or outcome requested, we do not propose a solution.

We commit fully to our work. But we also require commitment to the project from our client’s top management or business owner.

And then we deliver. You can rely on us.


Our portfolio briefs

Digital Transformation Consulting

You hear about it everywhere, but you don’t know where to start? We can help you review your business model, define your digitalisation journey, and create your digital transformation roadmap. You will gain better insight into your own business and get ahead of your competition.

Robotic Process Automation

or RPA, is another current buzzword, which only a few companies have been able to truly benefit from. Our 5+ years of experience in global projects can get you a head start and transfer mundane or time-consuming jobs to robots. As an authorised reseller with certified resources, we are also capable of delivering the whole RPA infrastructure to your business.

Digital Business Models

They are one of the key outputs of our digital transformation consultancy services. We can help you redesign your businesses’ unique “value unit” and re-wire your business model to improve the handling of that value, from its creation, through to its distribution, and up to its consumption.

Predictive Analytics

Who wouldn’t like to know what will happen tomorrow? How many orders will you get? Will your resources be at risk? All this and much more can be predicted in the same way and with the same reliability as a weather forecast. We can deploy these business forecasting tools into the critical parts of your business to improve the decisions you need to take every day.

Process Mining

What do you actually know about your processes? How do you measure them? How do you benchmark against competitors? How do you improve? We are a certified company in process mining techniques and are able to help you drive real business improvements.

// WHO

Our Team

We are a young, dynamic company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Our founders are experienced, highly educated business leaders with extensive international experience. Our team consists of technology enthusiasts with a deep know-how of the industry.

Alice Punch

is a global leader in the area of executive search and management consulting. She holds an MBA in International Business Strategy from The University of Pittsburgh and has recently studied Digital Transformation at MIT, Boston.

Čeněk Vaníček

a seasoned leader in the area of service management, now responsible for operations and finance. Cenek holds an MSc from The Czech Technical University in Computer Science.

Václav Vaníček

a technology enthusiast who is passionate about human relations. He currently holds the position of sales executive and is responsible for our acquisition of new clients, partnership development, marketing, and more.